Quality Improvement Projects

Class of 2020

Surgical wound dehiscence (SWD) describes separation of wound edges due to mechanical failure of a healing wound. This study aims to elucidate factors contributing to SWD following cutaneous excisions through a novel data mining methodology. Procedures notable for SWD will be statistically analyzed in aggregate to elucidate factors correlated with wound dehiscence. The utility of this methodology in quality assurance and risk management applications will be concomitantly explored.

Class of 2021

We are working on an internal quality improvement project analyzing biopsy turn around times (TATs). A large database of patients seen at ADCS clinics in Florida in 2018 was collected and analyzed. Detailed assessment of the TATs and the factors affecting them were included. These factors include but are not limited to: specific laboratories, shipping methods, shipping distances, shipping times, dermatopathology analysis times, dermatopathologists, amount of special stains, final diagnosis reporting methods. These factors will not only be compared to national standards but will also be compared against internal standards using laboratory differences against each other. Deficiencies in the TAT process will be highlighted. Quality improvement of TATs to meet or supersede the national standard is desired.

Class of 2022

Coming soon!