Book Review

  • Bolognia - Dermatology
  • Elston - Dermatolopathology
  • Wolverton - Dermatopharmacology

Board Boot Camp

  • Biweekly

Journal Club

  • Held Monthly

Grand Rounds

  • Held Monthly


  • Lectures with Drs. Saeed, Wangia, Elder, Schmits, and Kalomiris every two weeks
  • Month long rotations with Dr. Saeed

Pediatric Dermatology

  • Pediatric dermatology rotations with with Dr. Tace Rico and Dr. Monique Kumar

VA Dermatology

  • Beginning July 2018 with Dr. James Talley


  • Each class of residents will work together on a research project, to be completed before they graduate.

Medical Outreach

  • Each spring our first year residents are encouraged to join Dr. Mammino on a medical trip to Nicaragua. During this week they will be learning tropical medicine as they serve the medical needs of the Nicaraguan people.

Online Modules

  • Residents build foundational knowledge by completing AMA online modules addressing key professional and wellness topics.

Laser Clinic

  • Held every other month, our residents gets hands on supervised training with our various lasers.

Cosmetic Clinic

  • Held quarterly, residents receive training with Botox and various fillers.